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Installing Water Wells & Pumps

Looking for ways to reduce your living costs? Consider tapping into the ground for a natural resource that can be used every day. STAPLETON WATER WELLS AND SERVICE in Alice, Texas, provides water well installation for substantial savings and an endless return on your investment. Additionally, we sell and install Goulds™ water pumps and Grundfos™ solar water pumps. Solar water pumps even come with a five-year guarantee. If anything happens to the pump in this timeframe, you receive a replacement.

New Installation

We ensure no impurities remain in the water by drilling 100 feet down (the law only requires 10 feet) and adding a screen and casing. A 5' x 5' concrete slab is installed as a liner for the hole where the pump is going. This slab prevents rain water from damaging pipes, which could lead to breakage over time.

Invaluable Water Resource

Solar wells pump into the connected tank during daylight hours for cost effectiveness. These types of pumps can be especially beneficial for ranchers who have a need to water their cattle, especially those that do not have electricity. We will also install a fence around the well to protect it from wildlife destruction. Please note that government discounts may be available for ranchers who are willing to install solar wells on their land.

For homeowners who desire a solar well, the cost is reduced by installing a four-foot well. Governments are required to use a five-foot well, which is a little more expensive. Solar wells generally require limited repair, but rest assured we will be there to assist you if anything does malfunction.

Drilling Well

Reverse Osmosis Systems

If your water becomes contaminated, reverse osmosis systems remove all of the bad elements, leaving you with only good, clean water. Mostly for household use, these systems require at least a 2,500-gallon tank. Contaminates are separated from the water and pumped into a different source, usually a pond.